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Dot Matrix Printing

Pixel Art Revival Creativity in Limited Pixels

A dot-matrix display consists of a grid of individually controlled dots or pixels. These displays are often used in various applications, including LED message boards and some early computer monitors.

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  • The Power of Pixels Understanding Digital Imaging
  • A Look at DPI and Resolution
  • From Print to Screen Beyond Black and White
  • Halftone Dots and Printing
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Raster Graphics

Antialiasing is a technique used in computer graphics to reduce the appearance of jagged edges in images and text. It works by blending the colors of pixels along the edges of objects, creating a smoother and more visually pleasing result.

Subpixel Rendering

Subpixel rendering is a technique used in some types of displays (e.g., LCDs) to enhance the perceived resolution of text and graphics. It involves individually controlling the red, green, and blue subpixels within each pixel to improve clarity and sharpness.


DPI is a measure of the printing resolution, indicating how many dots (or pixels) are printed per inch. Higher DPI values result in finer and more detailed prints. It's commonly used to describe the quality of printers and scanners.